Choosing the right denim for your body type

Choosing the right denim for your body type

With everything returning back to normal, people have once again started to amp up their daily street style game. And nothing is more streetwear than denim; a fashion staple that is always in style.

Be it denim bottoms, denim jumpsuits, denim shirt or denim dresses, denim is a household name that can be found in every fashionistas closet. However, choosing the right fit for your body type can sometimes be daunting because of the numerous styles and trends cropping up every few days. But you need not worry as we're here to help. With the right pair of denim to fit your body type, your days of wardrobe worry will be over. Read on through our guide for finding the perfect pair of jeans for different body types.

Understanding body types

There’s no such thing as a bad body, only unflattering styles. When it comes to fashion, understanding your body type is very important in order to look your best. While no people are the same and every person has a unique body, the shape of the body however can be categorized into four basic silhouettes: apple, pear, hourglass and banana.



An apple body type is also sometimes referred to as inverted triangle body. You have an apply body shape if your shoulders and bust are relatively larger than your hips. With this body type the aim is to choose clothing that adds structure to your overall appearance thus slimming the midsection of your body.
For this body type it is better to opt for mid-waist jeans paired with a waist cinching top. HNH Gemini distressed jeans would be perfect for people with this body shape. These high rise jeans sit mid waist and the straight leg fit helps in balancing the contours of the body. Pair it with the Mazzy tie front Blouse for a cinched waist effect thus creating the illusion of a curvier body type.





Like the shape of the fruit it’s named after, pear body type is narrower at the top with wider hips and legs. It is one of the most common body shapes in the world. While dressing for a pear shaped body, opt for clothes that highlight your upper body i.e. shoulders, arms, neckline and contouring the waist area.
If you have a pear shaped body, choose dark wash denim that sits just below the waist as dark shades tend to have a slimming effect as opposed to light wash styles. Pair the HNH Belle jeans with a basic white tee and add a structured jacket on top like the HNH Grace Blazer to accentuate your shoulders and upper body.




The most desired body shape world over, hourglass body types are defined by the proportionate contours where the hips and bust are nearly equal in size with a well defined waist that’s smaller than both. Most tailored and form fitting clothing have been designed keeping the hourglass body in mind. Clothes for this body type should focus on accentuating the curves by highlighting the narrow waist. You should generally stay clear of baggy or loose-fit clothes as those might make you look heavier than you are.

If you have an hourglass body shape you should go for straight fit or wide legged denim like the HNH Abigail jeans and or the HNH Norah jeans to focus attention towards the waist. Pair them with a deep neck Blouse like the HNH Ines Blouse for a classic contoured look or opt for basic V-neck top like the HNH Lucia tee for a timeless everyday look.



Often described as an athletic build, women with banana body type have nearly similar proportions for shoulders, bust, waist and hips. It is also sometimes referred to as rectangle or straight body type. Like every other body type, when choosing clothes for banana body it is important to go for pieces that will give you a more contoured silhouette.

Women with this body type should opt for jeans that sit below the waist as this will help in creating shape in that area. HNH Dallas jeans are perfect for this. Pair it with a more feminine top with blouse sleeves or ruffles to add more structure like the HNH Andrea top.


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