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If we have learnt anything from this past year and a half, it’s that no matter how much we plan and strategize, things can and will still go awry. After almost a year of constant uncertainty, canceled get togethers, suspended travel plans, and indeterminate “back to office” dates, we have shifted our attention towards things we can control and understandably so. Things like how we spend our time, the people we surround ourselves with, the energy we invest in our hobbies, and of course the closet essentials we’ll be taking forward with us.
Over the course of the pandemic, we have come to realize that we need to be more mindful of where and what we spend our money on, that less is more especially when it comes to fashion. Gone are the days of going all out and dressing over the top for a night out with the girls. Instead, there’s a shift towards a cleaner approach in fashion, a revival of the 90s inspired minimal style where you can look ever so elegant without making a show of it. We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite always in style pieces that make for a classic and sharp closet.

  1. Go to denim:
    Keep things clean and simple with HNH Split Hem Jeans. This pair of high waisted, snug fit denim is perfect for a casual as well as a dressed-up look. These are sure to be your new go-to Denim jeans that you would want to wear just about everywhere.



  1. Tailored Trousers:
    These high waisted, paper bag trousers (HNH Chloe Trousers) will give you a more polished and refined look. Available in two colors and a universally flattering silhouette, these trousers will pair perfectly with a tucked in t shirt or a crisp button down with stiletto heels to give off major boss babe vibes.


  1. Printed Jacket:
    A statement piece that will make its way in to the future without losing its style and aesthetic value, HNH Farah blazers for girls will be your new go to jacket for every office meeting and Sunday brunch.


  1. Classic Tote:
    When it comes to handbags, a tote bag is one of the classic pieces that every woman should own. Not only is it perfect to carry any and everything but also is the ideal blend of practical and fashionable. Get your hands now on the HNH Carly Hand Bags available in two colour ways and lots of room for your everyday essentials.



  1. Flat Shoes:
    Since social events took a turn for the worse last year, more and more people have been focusing on comfortable fashion. Flats shoes can not only be the smart choice when it comes to comfort but also chic and stylish all the same like the HNH Carey Slip Ons.


  1. Square Hoop Earrings:
    These impossibly light and elegant square hoop earrings are sure to become your favourite accessory. Available in the classic gold finish, they are low-key enough to be worn as part of your everyday OOTD while stylish enough for evening plans with your beau.


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