All about different types of Denim

All about different types of Denim

Denim is our everyday staple, whether you are a stay–at–home person, university student, a socialite, or a fashion influencer we all own and wear different types of denim in the form of denim jeans, denim jackets, denim dresses, denim hats, or denim skirt.

Over the years, just like fashion has evolved, denim on its own has evolved as well. You can find a great variety of denim in terms of styles, cuts, fabric, and even colors. When we talk about denim it started off with classic blue jeans and now it is available in different colors, washes, styles, and cuts – making our lives easier by giving us ample options to choose from.

You might have gone through numerous articles about denim and might have a lot of information about denim but there are fewer chances that you have information regarding different types of denim fabrics. You might be surprised to know that there are at least 18 different types of denim fabric.

It can be a task choosing denim jeans for men and women, be it denim jeans ripped, or different styles such as skinny denim jeans. So, if you live in denim then you should be well aware of different types of denim fabric so that if you go denim shopping next time, you get your hands on the best denim fabric that is appropriate for denim jeans, jackets, shirts, or hat!

Today we will explore all 18 types of denim fabric in detail so that the next time you go to buy your favorite denim you actually know what you are buying.

Let’s take a look at different type of denim fabric in detail below,

  1. Rigged Denim

Rigged denim is a denim fabric that has no elastane fibers. It is one of the most versatile types of denim fabric that has an element of durability and is hard-wearing.

  1. Twill Weave Denim

This denim fabric has different twill weave patterns that run diagonally resulting in different types of weave. There are two types of twill weaves, right and left – in the case of the former there is a tighter woven fabric, and softer in the latter.

  1. Raw Denim

This type of denim is called dry denim or unsaforized denim, this fabric has an even look. After the fabric goes through the dyeing fabric it is not washed or treated.

However, it is washed during the initial stage to eliminate any kind of shrinkage as it can shrink up to 20% after the first wash. Moreover, it makes the denim fabric soft and smooth

The pre-washing of denim fabric is usually done so that the fabric becomes soft and also to eliminate shrinkage. Basically what we call sewing is pre-washing. Raw denim can shrink up to 20% in the first wash. It is recommended to pre-wash denim before sewing to avoid any shrinkage issues in the latter stages.

  1. Sanforized Denim

This is the opposite of raw denim; the fabric is processed in a fine matter that does not shrink the fabric after the wash. The denim that we all buy is usually sanforized denim.

  1. Colored Denim

When we talk about colored denim there are two types, blue and other colors. In the case of blue, when we see different shades of blue denim it is known as indigo dyeing. In the case of other colors, such as yellow, purple, or orange – Sulphur dyeing is done. To give a tint to denim, tinting is done.

  1. Stretch Denim

This denim fabric has elastane fiber similar to Lycra or Spandex that has stretch properties. The higher the percentage of the elastane – the stretchier the fabric will be.

  1. Selvedge Denim

This denim fabric is also known as self-edge denim and is known to be one of the finest denim in terms of quality. This denim fabric has edges that are usually finished with an orange or red band.

  1. Lightweight Denim

This lightweight denim is available in plain weave and is perfect for summer denim clothes, as well as blouses.

  1. Crushed Denim

This denim is weaved in such a manner that it looks wrinkled and crushed.

  1. Waxed Reverse Denim

Waxed reversed denim is mostly used to make outdoor gear and bags. The reverse side of denim is coated with wax for water resistance.

  1. Polycore Denim

This denim fabric is made from cotton fibers and polyester. It has three main qualities, it is wrinkle-free, has strength, and has an element of absorbency.

  1. Washed Denim

Washed denim has a faded effect as it is finished using a pumice stone. This stone creates a contrast with an indigo color that gives a classy finish. However, there are several washes that denim undergoes before reaching a final stage.

  1. Poly Denim

Poly denim is soft and easy to use as it has a certain percentage of polyester fibers bent in the fabric. This denim fabric is mostly used for jackets and shirts. Polyester is the main element in this denim fabric as it adds smoothness and a classy finish to the final product.

  1. Ecru Denim

This denim fabric has a natural color of denim; it is not dyed in any way.

  1. Bull Denim

This denim fabric is a durable, heavy, and rough fabric that is mostly used for other purposes such as for décor.

  1. Double Dyed Denim

As the name says it all, this denim fabric is double-dyed. The denim yarn is dipped twice creating dark blue indigo.

  1. Thermo Denim

This denim fabric has another lightweight fabric glued to it. It is also known as double denim and it makes the denim fabric look like lined denim.

  1. Slub Denim

This denim fabric has texture as a result of yarn that has an uneven thickness.

These are the 18 types of denim fabrics that are available worldwide. Now, you might be well aware of different types of denim fabrics so if you are looking for denim– chooses the perfect denim fabric!  

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