HNH Loyalty Card

Don’t let your loyalty go unrewarded. Just sign up for our Loyalty Card Programme and keep earning even while spending money – and the best part? There’s no sign-up fee!


HNH points: Every Rs. 100 spent will be credited as 100 points in your loyalty card. When you want to redeem the points, 50 points will equal to Rs. 1. There is no minimum limit before you can start redeeming points.

Sign up bonus: Each loyalty card will be pre-loaded with 100 points at sign up.

Please note that gift card is not available on cash on delivery. You can use the online payment portal to purchase the gift card. If you choose cash on delivery option, our representative will get in touch with you to share our bank details, once you deposit/wire the purchase amount you will receive the gift card code via email. (No rider will be sent to collect cash)

Terms & Conditions:
HustleNHolla reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or revoke the card and/or its benefits at any time without any prior notice.

HustleNHolla also reserves the right to terminate the rewards programme or amend the conditions at any time.

Points accumulated cannot be redeemed for cash.