It’s Heels Shopping Time


When we talk about heels, it takes me back to my childhood where I would try my best to fit my tiny feet into my mum’s high heels, wanting to carry it off gracefully like her. Today, I proudly own more than 20 heels; it’s like a heels wardrobe, in different styles, colors, shapes, and heights.

Heels are women’s s best friend, every girl or woman you meet owns at least five to six pairs of heels. Today we will talk about heels, different types of heels, and brands that have the best heels collection in Pakistan.

Finding a good heel can be overwhelming, there is a checklist that you should tick off while buying a new pair of the heel. Firstly, it should be comfortable, stylish, in good shape and height according to your preference. When we talk about heel shopping in Pakistan, there are a lot of brands that have leveled up their heel game, such as Hustle n Holla, Stylos, Heels and much more.

You can easily buy different types of heels matching your outfits. Today, we will take on a heel tour, exploring 8 different types of heels, let’s explore them in detail below.


1) Stilettos:

These are high heels that can go up to 8 inches. These are usually worn by models or people who want to make their legs look longer. However, women usually prefer wearing stilettos to office, parties, or weddings. They are easily available in different designs, styles, and colors.


2) Kitten Heels:

Kitten heels are one of the most comfortable types and stylish heels. It is a midi-length heel, easy to carry, and flaunts away your style. Brands like ZARA, Stylo, Hustle n Holla have an amazing collection of kitten heels. 


3) Ankle Strap Heels:

The best thing about ankle strap heels is that they come with an ankle strap that helps you keep a balance. These are pretty and chic heels that come in different colors, and designs. The height of the heel can vary as per your preference.


4) Wedge Heel:

Wedge Heels are for everyone! They are designed in a way that fulfills your wish to carry a heel and be a show stopper. Wedges keep you upright and fashionably comfortable.


5) Pumps:

Pumps themselves are one of the comfy footwear you can own! Now imagine pump heels, it’s a mix and match of pumps with class. They are the best addition to your footwear wardrobe, which can be worn to formal meetings, parties, and dinners.


 6) Peep-toe Heels:

What’s better than being able to show off your pretty painted toe nails! Peep-toe heels are must-have heels as you can simply rock your nails according to the outfit you’re wearing. This footwear is


7) Mules:

 Having Mules in your wardrobe can be the good investment. They can be open or closed according to your style preference and even the height of the heel can vary. One of the best things about Mules is that they can be in one color, as well in a printed design.


8) Block Heels:

Everyone loves block heels! They are easy to carry but has one drawback they don’t look as pretty as stilettos but they are one of the most comfortable heels that you can have in your wardrobe.

These are the 8 different types of heels that can be styled as per your outfit and event. However, you must be prepared enough to carry heels gracefully. In order to do so, all you have to do it try before buying it, practice walking in it and most importantly you should buy a good quality heel!



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