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Hustle N Holla Jeans Guide 2021


Online Guide To Buying The Best Denim Jeans in Pakistan 

Are you buying the wrong jeans again and again?

Are you a person with denim obsession but still haven’t found your perfect fit?

It’s high time to Eat – Sleep – Denim

Buying the perfect fit can be a hassle, but not anymore! As we present you the ultimate guide to buying yourself the best jeans out there, without getting broke, of course. As much as we all love denim, there are a few tips that you should know before buying a good pair of jeans for yourself!

  • The Fit

This is the most important step, it’s a do or die situation and yes we mean that. Until and unless you don’t know about different fits of denim you shouldn’t buy one. Denim comes in a variety of fits, from slim-fit, wide-leg, straight-leg, flare, boot-cut, ripped jeans, mom jeans, statement jeans, and two-faced. It is important to try these different fits and whatever styles elevate your look and make you feel comfortable, and then voila you have found your fit! 






  • The Fabric

Good quality fabric will always have a heavier weight because quality jeans are made from a stronger and heavier fabric. It is always recommended to touch and feel the fabric of the denim before buying it as a good fabric speaks itself. Moreover, heavier denim jeans tend to soften after a few years so that is something you shouldn’t worry about



  • Stitching

It is recommended to check stitching around jeans’, pockets, side seams, and hem as they give you a clear picture of the quality of stitching. Double stitching and chain stitching ensures stitching is heavy and good but even a single stitch can work, and you can easily test it by gently stretching it. However, while buying online you can always use the zoom-in feature to inspect stitching details closely.



  • Consider Length

This is the step that people often ignore. Length plays a pivotal role in giving to ‘that perfect fit as it won’t look sharp unless they fit well. Ideally, jeans look great with extra length stacking on your shoes, but short enough that hems shouldn’t be dragging with every step on the ground. It is important to remember that you can always get your denim altered but you cannot add length



  • Rise of the Jeans

Rise refers to the waistband fall of jeans. This can be a tricky part, as there are different types of rise that are available when it comes to denim.

  • High Rise- It falls at or above the natural waist
  • Mid-Rise- It falls slightly below the waist
  • Low-Rise- It rests along the hips, and these are also known as hip huggers.

You can choose your rise according to the style that you’re looking for!



  • Wash

The blue color is the standard wash of denim, but several washes and colors are available that you can buy. There are dark wash jeans, light wash jeans, black jeans, distressed jeans, and grey denim. This depends on which particular wash you wish to wear, according to the occasion or comfort.




Now the main question that arises is where to buy that perfect fit from? Don’t worry, as we have got you sorted here as well. We at HNH have a breathtakingly good collection of HNH denim jeans, perfect for both men and women. We have boot-cut slim-fit, straight-leg, flared jeans, ripped jeans, mom jeans, wide-leg, statement jeans, distressed jeans, and two-faced. You name it, we have it!



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