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 Time to be A Fashionista

Fashion accessories are a girl's best friend, and why shouldn't they be? They hold power to complete and elevate any look. At times, we manage to look good wearing the best hot-selling outfit of the season but somehow fail to be in the spotlight; this is where fashion accessories come into the picture and add that extra oomph!

When we talk about fashion accessories, there is a variety available online and in stores, but the trick is to choose and pick the right one! Today, we will take you on tour to the best five fashion accessories that you can style with different outfits to level up your fashion game.

Our 5 top picks include:

  • Scarf
  • Belts
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags
  • Glasses

Let’s explore them in detail below,

1) Scarves

Scarves are the most versatile piece of clothing; they can be used in numerous ways such as belts, neck-covering, or even as a headband. The key to slaying the scarf is styling it properly. However, when it comes to choosing a scarf, it is recommended to go with neutral or warm tones that go with different types of outfits in your wardrobe


2) Belts

Belts are game-changers. They add an extra zing to the outfit, be it jeans, skirts, or long dresses. The coolest thing about belts is that it is classic, so it never goes out style. However, we recommend you pay attention to the belt's thickness, type, and print, as it plays a role in elevating your look.

3) Jewelry

Jewelry is that one accessory that never goes out of style. It won't be surprising to know that we all have our drawers filled with tons of jewelry, be it rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. What matters is wearing it the right way. It is recommended to pick and wear according to the vibe of the outfit of the day. Any wrong selection can make you look not-so-classy even in a fabulous outfit. You can always follow fashion influencers and celebrities for jewelry inspiration, as a piece of good jewelry always compliments your outfit.

4) Handbags

A Handbag is that fashion accessory you don't leave your home without, whether for running a quick errand or grocery shopping. It is more of a need than a want, so it is recommended to invest in your handbags as it defines your fashion personality and complete your look. Moreover, handbags have also adapted to ever-changing fashion trends, as there is a huge variety of different types of handbags such as clutch bags, fanny packs, belt bags, totes, duffle bags, and a lot more!

5) Glasses

Fashion eyewear is as essential as other fashion accessories; it can make or break your look! It makes one look classy from head to toe. However, it is recommended to invest in glasses according to your face cut to fit like a glove. Moreover, you can go for tinted shades, styles, and different frame-shaped frames.

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