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Time to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

 Are you tired of how boring your wardrobe looks? Are you looking for ways to revamp it? If yes, you definitely need to come with us because we will share tips on adding color to your wardrobe and upgrading your fashion game.

 When we talk about revamping wardrobe, it should reflect your personality and fashion persona, so it should be stocked with trendy, chic, and gorgeous outfits and accessories.

  1. Start from Neutral towards bold

Redefine your definition of neutral, as adding different shades of neutral to your wardrobe gives you several looks for styling, from tans, white, khaki to greys, is safe. You can always buy a white blouse, khaki color pants, or grey coat, and you’ll be sorted for all the fashion seasons. However, you go towards bold colors after adding neutrals, adding yellow, dark green, reds, and even neon. Adding bright colors have their own aura that naturally makes you feel confident, glam, and classy!

  1. Add Accessories

This is the best way if you want to play safe and add colors in baby steps. Adding an accessory to your outfit adds a final finishing touch. You can go for bold color hand bags, belts, or shoes to add extra oomph; my go-to colors with different outfits are mustard, emerald green, white and tan brown. Blaire Waldorf is a fashion diva to take inspiration from the show Gossip Girls; she is a fashion queen!

  1. Contrast Away

Time to dive into the world of deep colors! Contrasting with different clothing items or accessories is a game-changer! It is always an excellent choice to add contrast to your look, be it for a casual look or a concert look. Pairing neutrals with deep colors is a good idea, or wearing a color with color turns out chic and gives you a boost of energy and confidence. Emily from the Emily in Paris can give you many ideas about wearing outfits in lovely and bold contrasts!


  1. Pretty Prints

Prints are always in! Be it cozy winters, hot summers, hazy autumn, or beautiful spring, you can wear them whenever you want. One of the best things about prints is that they add drama to your look, as they are abstract, full of color, and have an element of chic-ness. Stripes, polka-dots, and floral prints are my go-to prints, and they can be easily paired with different accessories.

  1. Experiment

To add color and drama to your wardrobe or look, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment! It means wearing color with color, prints, and patterns. You can always take inspiration from your surroundings, fashion influencers, or celebrities.

  1. Make-Up

This is the easiest way to inject color into your look and definitely the least expensive one! A deep red lip color, a bold eye-shadow, colored eye-liner, or a gorgeous color nail polish and light scent is another way you can add a pop of color and fun to your everyday look.


  1. Jewelry

Jewelry plays a significant role in transitioning the final look; wearing long necklaces, chokers, hoops, rings, or bracelets can make you look Oo la la!



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